Armed with nothing

So this is what the end taste like
the blood of me fountained in a great outdoor scene
Demolished and crushed rockbottomized

again over again and just this last time again
You knot a rope out of the trail of all my fears
and whipped me til I forgot to plea for mercy

Bleeding, crawling in my own screams.
Curtain of this scene in our theatre of damnation
the life jokery a mockery and just a scam

don’t buy it, don’t even try to make it
hell is no place
it’s living this ghostshow

And I wear the mark of Cain the sign of the death
that will take it’s toll finally
It’s inside, it’s the scares of dancing shadows

The bite of the chemical serpent buries it’s teeth deep
and I know the walls of this abyss, navigated these roads before
Everytime the gap widens

The curse is true
nothing can make it go away
even if I time after time try to find the cure
The fire of my last breath burns

Armed with nothing but the rationality of the conviction
And down in flames I go
I have earned the end

it’s the revenge of being me