whn routne rns dry

So. You just kiddin me.
Just make me hangin in the cold
in the nothingness of emptiness
a chinese burn
when love tear us apart
again – like the signing off
of the Rhodes

I bear the mark of death
the sign of the doomed – time outlined deadline set
my arm slashes open when razorblade sharp cuts it’s way
flesh so cheap so unuseful and of no worth in the end
I have tried to love to hate to feel nothing
it aint worth it no more apart from you
life is a joke life is the big joke of the evil God we have created

all would be just better off
this darkness – darkness inside of me
everyone will breathe easier
when I stop stealing the oxygen of you
cause love always tear us apart
again and again until I lay cold
the worms and the earth eating me

and I will know about heaven and hell – all that is just nothing
all that fooled us and all that I have fooled you about
everything will be quiet everything will be the silent shout
of nothingness after my exit of existence