Metaläsning är att både kunna läsa den blog som sedan omskrivs i NYT av personen som varit en del av bloggen:

OUR former nanny, a 26-year-old former teacher with excellent references, liked to touch her breasts while reading The New Yorker and often woke her lovers in the night by biting them. She took sleeping pills, joked about offbeat erotic fantasies involving Tucker Carlson and determined she’d had more female sexual partners than her boyfriend.

och journalisten i fråga har genom sitt jobb på NYT äntligen (?) fått slut på bloggen:

I never wanted what was really just a job situation that was not compatible with either party to become a big public mess. I have no intention of perpetuating the mess. There will be no interviews, no books, and no deals. Nothing. I am actually, headed to graduate school in three weeks (my spell check feature is ready to work really really hard). I am looking forward to a small southern city, far too much reading, and the opportunity to pursue a career I have worked for for many years. I want THIS to be over.

Det är rejält metaaktigt. Som att se en film ur två perspektiv.

Linda Skugge – Someone is watching you