Ibland får man inte saker ur händerna. Den här har legat länge – mest för att jag inte kunnat komma på vilka jag ska skicka den vidare till… Så sorry Caff, can’t find out seven specific people to tag. I hope some do the meme themselves.

Caff is challenging me in one of this meme’s that seem to go round and round year after year (yes, the adgrunts is doing the 16 things at Facebook too – I can’t even imagine to try that…). And this will be in ”bork bork”-english since Caff’s swedish is a bit rusty :):

Seven things about me (unrelated to work, adgruntiness …)

  1. I don’t understand the greatness of LOL Cats/I Can Haz Cheeseburger. Sometimes I’m annoyed about not seeing what everyone else see. Sometimes I  think other people ”haz strange kind” of humour.
  2. I have a huge hangup on visiting the dentist (luckily I have good teeth) since a crazy Danish dentist was pulling out a tooth without asking or telling me as a kid (yes, it was a temporary tooth).1
  3. I hate feets. One could say I have an opposite fetisch of feets…
  4. I have stopped pretending liking movies that is political correct. And me and the son like the same flix.
  5. I never made any effort to stop smoking, stop using nicotine nor loosing weight. I think a person without vices is dangerous.
  6. I like to go by car fast but I hate driving. Long journeys by car is so pointless and a waste of valuable time. I like trains.
  7. I am dyscalcylic. But love statistics, algorithms and such.
  1. Ironically I am working on three different cases where dental care is the issue. []