Varför man slutar att prenumerera på en blogg?

Robert Scoble förklarar att det egentligen är meningslöst att försöka teoretisera för mycket runt bloggande utan

do what you love, put stuff up you’d love to read, and the rest will fall into place.

Han gör det i en kommentar till Darren Rowses postning 34 Reasons Why Readers Unsubscribe from Your Blog där han listat ett antal skäl för varför läsare väljer att sluta att prenumerera på RSS-feeden på en viss blogg. Jag har fetat de saker som får mig personligen att fimpa en feed.

  • Too many posts (the post levels are too overwhelming)
  • Infrequent Posting (or the blog is effectively dead)
  • Partial Excerpts Feeds
  • Blog Changes Focus (too much off topic posting)
  • Too many posts that I see elsewhere (Redundant, Repeated or Recycled News)
  • Uninteresting Content
  • Irrelevant Content
  • The Blogger’s Ego – Too much self promotion
  • Low Quality Content
  • Too many posts that are too long
  • Negative blogging
  • Feed Errors – Especially when a Feed Reloads the latest 10-20 posts every time
  • Offensive Content/Personal attacks/Discrimination
  • ‘infomercials’ (too much selling)
  • Blog Titles that Don’t Tell what the post is about
  • No or Poor Formatting in posts
  • My own interests as a reader change
  • No Longer Useful or Valuable
  • Too many links in the text and not enough content
  • Advertising
  • Inconsistent writing (style and focus)
  • Too Many Grammatical Errors
  • Found other feeds that are better
  • Too Narrow a focus
  • Too much repetition in topic
  • Pushiness of Blogger
  • Blogger Doesn’t Respond to Comments
  • No Images in the feed
  • Lack of Confidence or Opinion
  • Lack of a sense of who the blogger is
  • Too much clutter/extras at the end of posts
  • Talking Down to Readers
  • Too many quotes
  • Change of Primary blogger