Sommarbil #2

Det är svårt att få något ur händerna idag. Har kompilerat ännu en ”Sommarbilsskiva” mellan jobben:

  1. Just Like TV: The Departure
  2. Gold Lion: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  3. Sink or Float: Aberdeen
  4. Who Invited You: The Donnas
  5. The Drowners: Suede
  6. i’m down with that: The Pettit Project
  7. Take Care: Copeland
  8. Offense Defense: The Spaceshots
  9. She: Afterglow
  10. Chemical Girl: The Fine Arts Showcase
  11. Narcotic: Liquido
  12. Bad Karma Follows You Around: Therapy?
  13. Little by little: Oasis
  14. On my way home: The Perishers
  15. Here’s a Tip: Quickening
  16. Charmless man: Blur
  17. Carry On: The Follow
  18. Funny: Impulse Ride