Sommarbil #1

Den första ”sommarbil”-CDn kompilerad:

  1. Pushing the Senses (Tough Mix): Feeder
  2. Lit Up (remix): The National
  3. Arms Around Me: The Departure
  4. I follow: Starfuck
  5. Rewind: Stereophonics
  6. Metal Mickey: Suede
  7. Blue Orchid: The White Stripes
  8. Lonely Crowd: Showroom
  9. A Disruption in the Normals Swing of Things: Cursive
  10. Hyperventilation: Just
  11. Fear No Darkness, Promised Child: Timo Räisänen
  12. Shatter (New Version): Feeder
  13. Song Two: Blur
  14. Bid: The Charismatics
  15. Krafty: New Order
  16. The Only One I Know: The Charlatans
  17. Priceless: The Jealous Sound